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Dear colleagues!
     Medical culture and healthcare are on a threshold of technical revolution. Medical information technologies promptly invade in all branch of medicine and organization of healthcare (family medicine, transition to insurance medicine, creation of uniform information space, integration in European medical space).
     They are equally important in operation of a doctor, nurse, doctor - researcher, doctor - teacher, organizer of healthcare, manager of healthcare.
     Medical information technologies from a theoretical and exclusive plane closely have approximated to medical practice today.
     The problem is very multilateral. It includes information technologies, equipment, legal base, standards, licensing, and certification of medical software products, tutoring and much other.
     The Ukrainian Association of "Computer Medicine" (UACM) is 10 years now. All these years UACM is the member of International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) and European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI), closely cooperates to the European Commission of Telemedicine (DGXIII), International Telecommunication Union (ITU). It gives access to off-the-shelf world achievements in field of medical informatics and telemedicine for Ukrainian experts.
     Under the plan of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine in May 28-29, 2003 in Kharkiv on the basis of Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education will held the International Conference "Computer Medicine 2003 ".
     The Proceedings of the Conference will be issued. The select papers will be published in the Journal "Clinical Informatics and Telemedicine".
We invite all experts to take part in Conference

The theses and reports, please, direct to address: P.O.Box 7313, Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine, Organizing Committee of the Conference and by e-mail: Deadline of submission of theses - May 5, 2003. Deadline of submission of the reports - publications - May 5, 2003.

Rules for registration of applications - abstracts:
Volume no more than 2 pages. The format of a paper А4.
Font Arial 12. fields : upper - 2.5 sm, lower - 2.5 sm, left - 2.5 sm, right - 2.5 sm.
Theses are accepted in original language: Ukrainian, Russian and English.
Rules of report - publication registration of: look Rules for authors on Web-page of the Journal "Clinical Informatics and Telemedicine" .
Conference Topics

SECTION I: Clinical Informatics
     1.1. Hospital (Health) Information systems (HIS)
     1.2. Computer technologies in functional diagnostics
     1.3. Processing of medical signals, fields, images
     1.4. Creation of Databases of medical establishments
     1.5. Expert and intelligent medical diagnostic systems
     1.6. Normative - legal base of informatization of healthcare
     1.7. Standardization of medical information technologies
     1.8. Certification of medical software
     1.9. Protection of medical information in Hospital information systems (HIS)
     1.10. Medical smart-cards
     1.11. Nursing informatics
     1.12 Glossary of terms on medical informatics.

SECTION II Telemedicine
     1. Telemedical technologies, telecommunication networks, equipment
     2. Partial telemedicine (Telemedical cardiology, neuro-diagnostics, medical radiology etc.l
     3. Legal problems of telemedicine
     4. Standardization in telemedicine
     5. Licensing of telemedical services
     6. Remote training (tutoring)
     7. European telemedicine
     8. Telemedicine of the countries of the world
     9. Glossary of terms on telemedicine

SECTION III Information technologies in healthcare management
     1. Medical informational analytical systems (MIAS)
     2. Medical geographical informational analytical systems (МGIAS)
     3. Legislation in medical informatics
     4. Normative - legal base in Ukraine for medical informatics
     5. Creation of regional and branch medical Databases and Registers.
     6. Information technologies for medical statistics.
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Meeting of the "round table" on Informatization of Health of the Ukraine (ukrainian, russian)


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