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C O M P U T E R  M E D I C I N E 2007

"IT in reforming Healthcare"
14-15 September 2007, KHARKIV, UKRAINE
UACM founded in 1992

Dear colleagues!

     On September, 14-15, 2007 traditional Conference will take place in Kharkiv Computer Medicine 2007: IT in reforming Healthcare and the Symposium HRV in modern clinic, the Exhibition of medical information technologies and diagnostic hardware-software complexes.


     Ukrainian Association for Computer Medicine (UACM);
     Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education attached to the Ministry of Health;
     V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University;
     Institute of Public health attached to the Ministry of Health (Kiev);
     Kharkiv State Medical University attached to the Ministry of Health;

     National Pharmaceutical University attached to the Ministry of Health (Kharkiv).

The purpose of the Conference

     At conference the newest world achievements will be considered in the field of eHealth, medical informatics, bioinformatics and a telemedicine, the information on activity of international organizations, which member is UACM or with which the close cooperation is supported. Among such: International association of medical computer science (IMIA) and the European Federation of medical computer science (EFMI), the European Commission on a telemedicine (DGXIII), the International telecommunication union (ITU).
     Within the framework of Conference will be conducted: the Symposium Heart Rate Variability in modern clinic, meetings of UACM Scientific Council, United Commission on Telemedicine of Ministry of Health and National Academy of Science of Ukraine, the Editorial board of the journal Clinical informatics and Telemedicine, meeting of Chiefs regional informaticians.

The basic topics of the Conference

     1. Medical information systems of healthcare (including Hospital (Health) information systems).
     2. Information technologies in clinical neurophysiology (with cooperation the Ukrainian Association of Clinical Neurophysiology).
     3. Information technologies in functional diagnostics.
     4. Medical fields, images and signal processing.
     5. Medical diagnostic expert and intellectual systems.
     6. Innovational information technologies in medical education. Distance medical education.
     7. Protection of the information in medical information systems.
     8. Legal base of informatization.
     9. Standardization and certification of medical information technologies.
     10. Medical smarts - cards, IT in medical insurance.
     11. Farmacoinformatics.

     12. Information technologies in medical statistics.

Scientific program committee


     Mayorov O. Yu. (Kharkiv)
     Mintser O.P. (Kiev)
     Ponomarenko V.M. (Kiev)
     Jabluchanskij N.I. (Kharkiv)

Committee members:

     Baevskij R.M. (Moscow)
     Verteletsky V. (USA)
     Golubchikov .V. (Kiev)
     Gnezditskij V.V. (Moscow)
     Kalnish V.V. (Kiev)
     Kobrinskij A.B. (Moscow)
     Kovalenko A.S.. (Kiev)
     Liach U.E. (Donetsk)
     Martynenko A.V. (Kharkiv)
     Penkin J.M. (Kharkiv)
     Richards B. (UK)
     Sokolov V.N. (Odessa)
     Frolov A.V. (Minsk)
     Chebotareva L.L. (Kiev)
     Eljanov M.M. (Moscow)
     Engelbrecht R. (Germany)
     Jatsenko V.P. (Kiev)

Kinds of participation in work of the Conference

     1. The oral report (15 minutes)
     2. The poster report plus the brief message (5 minutes)
     3. The poster report
     4. A round table (discussion)

     Term of submission of applications and theses till June, 25, 2007. Application forms for participation in Conference and the exhibition send to the address: P.O.BOX 7313, Kharkiv 61002, Ukraine e-mail:

     Rules for registration of applications - theses:
     no more 2 pages. Font Arial 12; fields: top - 2.5 sm, bottom - 2.5 Sm, left - 2.5 sm, right - 2.5 sm; line spacing - unary.
     Theses are accepted in language of a first copy: Ukrainian, Russian, and English.
     Materials of Conference will be published in the Journal Clinical informatics and Telemedicine.
     Program committee for the publication will select the best reports.
     Rules of registration of the report - publication in the journal look: Rules for authors what are placed on Web - page of the journal Clinical informatics and Telemedicine:

     Phone:+380 (57) 7118032
     Fax: +380 (57) 7118025


Ukrainian Association of COMPUTER MEDICINE

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